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7.23.2004 - God Lives Underwater street date is September 28! Pre-order now!

God Lives Underwater will release its long-awaited album, Up Off The Floor, on September 28, 2004. This album is one of the most moving and heartfelt epic journeys. More announcements coming. Pre-order here!

7.20.2004 - GLU prepares for new release and David Reilly speaks!

God Lives Underwater frontman David Reilly recently finished a solo
acoustic tour and will continue with more dates closer to the Up Off
The Floor release date. David recently spoke to Megaforce about his
songs and lyrics: "The driving impetus for the songs was quite
personal. Jeff got married and I tried to get clean. So Jeff and I
started out with a very positive writing perspective. My being clean
lasted about 3 months and as it deteriorated, the songs became about
a struggle and not any kind of victory, and then eventually about a
denial and a total loss."

7.20.2004 - Release ofthe album from the GLU side project, "Heavy" being

"there is INDEED an albums worth of HEAVY material.the quality of the
album is sonically inconsistent, but the songs are some of my
favorites (i think).Jeff might have a DAT with that material, but its
been years, so i wouldnt be surprised if its missing. I will ask next
time I talk to him. If he knows where those songs are, i will try to
get CORPORATE PUNISHMENT to package and sell it.The one thing I
remember about it is the other songs sound different than the 2 youve
already heard. i played all live instruments on it, like drums bass
and guitar and jeff played guitar and co-wrote the songs with me. we
went to a friends studio to record it in 1996 between tours.I will
find out. im just as curious as you, cause i dont remember it much.
who knows, i dont remeber making "happy?" either, but it turned out
to be one of my faves.the end.august 18th coming up faster and
faster. that will be my one year anniversary being clean/sober.carry
on kids....." -David Reilly,on

7.8.2004 - David Reilly will be releasing some samples of some songs that he's
been working on with Britney Garrison in Bolivar NY this last month.
Here's what he said on

"i got new music coming soon. also noteworthy, i plan on putting some music by another artist im producing up for listening on my site in the days to come. im still
in upstate new york producing, and may likely stay here in order to
work on this production thing, and my new record..."

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